Here is a screenshot of Swimwire's homepage.

By Mitch Laursen,

For small businesses and self-storage companies, it can be difficult keeping up with the latest social media networks. Every day or week you may hear about the latest trends and updates on sites like Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, and Pinterest. Along with that, maybe you’re being pounded with reminders to stay updated and active on these websites? But how do you stay active when you have limited time, patience, and hands on site? Swimwire is a free social media aggregation website that helps you organize maintenance efforts over your different social media networks easily.

Swimwire serves as an intermediate between you and all of the social media networks you are part of. Simply register for free to become a member, and you are one step closer to following new and exciting methods of keeping up with your online communities and brands.

Most technology or news websites consistently spread information about the importance about maintaining an active presence on the most popular social media websites, and that’s where this site can help you. Since many self storage companies only have 10–20 people working at each facility, with many of their own duties, separate from social media maintenance, something is needed to help maintain your social media efforts. Without having to invest extra money, you can start testing the waters of social media when using this site compared to others.

Swimwire is similar to other social media connection websites like SproutSocial and Hootsuite, but it does have a few added bonuses. According to, being a member of Swimwire lets you do many different things including:

  • Share URLs to many locations from a single link
  • Connect with people easily and quickly
  • Find you’re friends from other social media networks
  • Generate connections with other Swimwire members
  • Create and communicate on Swimwire forums.
  • Install an iTunes Wire (updates on iTunes activity) to your Swimwire account.

Another incentive to users for joining the free website instead of some of the other similar sites is Swimwire’s referral and user-points feature. Every time you refer others to a skill or experience, you earn user points on the website’s point system; you can use earned points on different reward options.

Swimwire provides you with the opportunity to follow and update all of your social media accounts on one page. Not only that, but you can also upload pictures, videos, and events to one or more of your specified social networks all from one site. This organized format helps you to see what efforts you have in place. After you’ve developed connections either with your fellow or competitive self storage facilities, or customers, you can add and organize them into detailed Swimwire groups.

I highly suggest you take five minutes out of your day to pursue membership with Swimwire; it’s free and easy to use. Many high-quality social media networks like this provide limited opportunities for free, with more opportunities at higher prices. Considering it is free, you get a lot of features. Swimwire is perfect for those looking to start developing, growing, and maintaining a social media presence online. Users can receive a lot of rewards without a lot of financial risk.