The TSSA found ways to raise funds in order to give back to their community. (marekuliasz/

By Aaron

Recently, the Texas Self Storage Association (TSSA) donated $70,000 to the Shriners Children’s Hospital in Galveston. Raising money for charity has shown to be something this organization has done well. Over the years, TSSA Fundraiser Committee Co-Chairs Doug Hunt and David Hunt have worked to raise funds and after 12 years of fundraising, are nearing their $500,000 mark in funds raised.

The TSSA found ways to raise funds in order to give back to their community. (marekuliasz/

This hospital that received this check from TSSA members on January 28 of this year has been active in burn care research since the 1960s. Many of the revolutionary treatments that burn patients receive today–like skin grafting–first came about at this particular hospital. This facility helps patients not only with their physical scarring, but also with any emotional scarring that may have occurred due to the injury. The Shriners Children’s Hospital offers physical therapy and emotional support as they are able to move on and go back to their communities.

After giving the check to the hospital, the group from TSSA had the opportunity to tour some of the hospital and see first hand where some of the funds raised would be going. In a press release, Mark Skeans, TSSA President was quoted as saying, “having the opportunity to see how much good is done with the money donated has doubled his resolve to continue supporting the Shriners Hospital for Children in Galveston.”

TSSA already has plans for their next fundraising project. This project will conclude at their annual convention and trade show in The Woodlands.

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There are 22 locations for Shriners Children’s Hospitals in North America. For more information about Shriners Children’s Hospitals, visit their official website here