upper-level storage

upper-level storageBy Weston Cooper, USstoragesearch.com

When choosing a storage unit, there are so many different choices that people have. There are a wide variety of sizes, features, and access types. Today, we are going to talk a little bit about a certain access type and how it can save you money.

Drive-up access and first floor access are the two access types that most storage seekers will be looking for. They definitely offer convenience and make moving in and out of your storage unit easier. For those with really large or heavy items, the convenience is definitely worth it. What about upper level storage units? Is there ever a good reason to choose these over other access types?

We say yes! While the drive-up and first floor units are convenient, they usually cost a bit more. As was mentioned, this is often money well spent, but there are definitely times where paying more for these types of units isn’t really necessary at all.

For those storing relatively light items that won’t create a high level of physical stress to move, upper level units could be the perfect way to save some money. In some instances, upper level units will be as much as $50 less a month. In addition, almost all facilities that offer multiple stories of storage also have elevators. This makes moving items to these upper floors much less physically demanding. Lastly, having an upper level unit inside a building provides some added protection from the elements in comparison to a standard outdoor drive-up unit.

Is an upper level unit right for everyone? Definitely not. When there are heavy items to move, the convenience of a lower level or drive-up unit can’t be overstated. With that being said though, not everyone is hauling furniture or other heavy storage items. For those with smaller and lighter volumes of items that they are looking to store, why not save some money and take the elevator up to the second or third floor?