This bustling, busy city was stopped in its tracks because of Hurricane Sandy.

By: Mitch Laursen,

In the past week, the eastern coast of the United States has been a target for one of the most intense natural disasters delivered to the nation. As the monstrous Hurricane Sandy moved in on New York City, New Jersey, and other coastal areas, residents were asked to evacuate for their health and safety. For hundreds of people, leaving their priceless possessions was probably the biggest challenge. But was there an alternative to leaving more than 60 percent of belongings behind, and did they know it?

This bustling, busy city was stopped in its tracks because of Hurricane Sandy.

There are different kinds of moving and portable storage currently available to people all over the US. Portable storage (also called mobile storage) is a service provided by self-storage facilities where the requested storage unit is delivered by the facility to the customer’s home. After the customer has filled up the self storage unit, the self storage facility returns the filled portable storage unit to its facility.

Another popular form of self-storage travel is cross-country storage. According to, moving storage is very similar to portable storage. Depending on the self storage company, the casing used to transport a customer’s belongings could be a typical storage unit or a semi-hauled trailer. Different from local portable storage, moving storage companies provide their customers with long-distance moving storage.

Today, moving storage is used to provide customers with fast and easy storage options so they don’t have to drive to and from a self storage facility. Some moving and self-storage companies partner with freight and manufacturing businesses, using their cross-country services to transport items across the US.

There are different kinds of moving and portable storage currently available to people all of the US.

In recent months, moving and transportation services have become more popular to customers. Some companies have expanded their businesses to provide more opportunities for long distance travel, according to Because of the growing popularity of cross-country moving (and the need for adequate storage), I can see self storage companies broadening their available services to better satisfy needs of their customers.

If the victims of Hurricane Sandy knew about the extremely helpful services of moving and storage companies, they might have been able to avoid losing their prized possessions to the storm. There are many portable and travel self storage companies located along the eastern coast of the US, all specializing in fast travel and storage.

Below is the best way for a customer to utilize available moving self storage to avoid leaving behind many belongings in the event of a natural disaster:

  1. Research how soon the storm (Hurricane Sandy, in this case) will reach in the area where the customer lives.
  2. Immediately reserve a portable storage unit/trailer with the available moving & self storage facilities in the areas clear of the storm.
  3. Gather all of your belongings together to immediately put in the reserved portable storage unit/trailer when it arrives at your home.
  4. When the trailer/unit has come to your home and you have packed it with your belongings, send it immediately back to the storage facility.
  5. I’d recommend following your reserved trailer, for you to maintain safe distance from the upcoming storm and to ensure the safety of your trailer/unit.

There are many moving and self storage services that customers should know are available during times of crisis. Self-storage companies want to provide people with the best customer service and transportation/portable storage opportunities, especially in times of dire need.