By: Mitch Laursen,

Employees are some of the most important parts of a self-storage company, and can help drive a company to greatness. A customer is rarely left satisfied and cheerful from a mean and unhappy employee.  Recognition of an employee’s success will increase the occurrence happiness, which is important to continue a solid and effective self storage company.

The amount of employees per self storage facilities can vary depending on the particular location in question. Some facilities may only have a few employees at their facility, whereas others could have more. By the end of 2011, the Self Storage Association had reported an average of four employees per storage facility.

“My top performers ended up pushing me harder than I pushed them,” said Sir Clive Woodward, Director of Elite Performance for the British Olympic Rugby team (quoted by the Harvard Business Review). According to, the most hardworking and happy employees make everyone around them work harder to build a strong company (regarding other employees or managers).

So how do you build employee satisfaction? Here are a few of the most popular ways to improve employee satisfaction (

  1. Improve Your Employee’s Attitude
    Some employees may openly tell their managers when they are unhappy or troubled by something, whereas others will keep it inside and “live with it.” Get to know your employees and what motivates them to work. Then take what you find out about them and use it to keep them happy. Anonymous suggestion boxes are an excellent way to determine what drives your employees to happiness.
  2. Give Employees More Control
    How much control do you give your employees at your self storage facility? In, employers are recommended to give their employees more control over their scheduled hours and work habits. Of course, sometimes you need to know when to pull out the iron fist and provide some good constructive criticism, but you can limit the intensity and frequency of it.
  3. Encourage Social Connections
    Interacting with others can make everyone happy, especially employees. Employers should encourage their workers to communicate with one another on a regular basis. When there is a lack of customer-to-employee interaction, scheduling office activities and fun workstations are great opportunities for your employees to build their social connections.

No matter what the amount of people you have employed at your storage facility, maintaining proper employee satisfaction and recognition is vital to building a strong company. Despite how powerful and handy facility managers may be, one manager can’t do what five or more employees can do. Remember that happy and satisfied employees will be more likely to go out of their way to make others as happy as they are.