By Kristin Leigh; Moving, Storage & Organization Contributor to

Well, it finally happened, just as our newly expanded family of four was busting at the seams in our previous house, we were finally, after almost a year able to sell our beautiful first home that we had worked so hard on to remodel over the last 6 years.

It sounded so simple to us in the early stages of putting our house on the market.  Make the house look like a home to any buyer that may come. The trick to that was that we had to make it look like a home for the buyers and not like our home (even though we were currently living there).  That was a very difficult feat.  With two kids, a dog and zero garage space (yes, I said no garage space), our 1,400 sq. foot house was in dire need of some deep cleaning and storage make over.

Luckily for us, we had a storage unit that we used to store all our extra baggage that we had acquired over a lifetime (literally).  Besides storing our extra belongings in a storage-unit, we also made some clean-up changes to appease future buyers.  We always made sure that the outside of the house was in tip top shape.  First impressions are lasting impressions and we wanted our curb appeal to be at its best.  For instance, in the summertime, we mowed our very well fertilized and watered lawn once a week.  We made sure to have a couple of potted plants on the stoop for an extra pop of color in front of the house.  Since we didn’t have a garage, we stored all the kids’ outside toys in an outdoor storage bin to keep out of the view of potential buyers.

The fall was difficult for us.  With three very large overgrown trees we acquired quite the amount of leaves so we had to rake a lot.  For the inside of the house we also made some changes for selling.  I will say that using a storage unit was one of the best ideas we ever had.  We went room by room and de-cluttered and re-organized everything so that each space was used efficiently, and the prospective buyers could see how they could use each space.  Whatever we weren’t using at the time and knew we wouldn’t be needing any time soon, we just packed it all up in boxes, labeled each box clearly, and then drove it down to our storage unit.

In our old house we had previously ripped out all of the very old, non-functional closet doors, assuming we would get new doors someday.  Well, seeing that it was an old house, the only way to get new doors was to have them custom made (which was outlandishly expensive).  In a way to divert the buyers’ eyes from seeing the negative view of not having closet doors, we instead made each closet a clean, tidy, organized space that was useful to the room.   In a linen closet for instance, we did this by storing stuff in canvas bins.  For example, all of our travel sized soaps and lotions were in one bin, and all of our medications, band aids, etc. went in another.   Our towels were folded nicely and sorted by color on the shelves and we made sure not to overcrowd the space.

These are just a few of our storage solutions that we used for the goal of getting our house sold.  Don’t get me wrong, my house was far from clean every time we got the call that somebody wanted to see the house last minute.  It usually it happened during naptime and on laundry day.  On those days I just packed up all the laundry in numerous laundry baskets (yes, I said numerous), clean or not and packed it all in the car, along with kids and dog.   God forbid, I forgot snacks and drinks for our hour of sitting in the car and driving around the neighborhood 10 times. Yes, moving is not easy, but we did our very best to make the process easier on us.  Using a self-storage unit takes a lot of the stress of trying to make a tiny house seem larger by clearing out unnecessary belongings when buyers come in.  Hopefully I gave you a few ideas for making your house quickly sellable.

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