By Jessa Diebel,

Things to Do Before When MovingWhen moving, it’s extremely easy to let small things fall through the cracks. Instead of focusing solely on packing and moving your items, it’s crucial to remember to change your address, transfer your medical records, and more. Be prepared in all ways when moving!

Address Change

You’ll need to change your address, which is easier than you might think. You can go to your local post office or online at Address changes affect more than just your mail. You must also alert and change your address at your bank, human resources department at work, magazines, newspapers, insurance, and credit cards.

Make and send out address change cards for friends and family members, too!

School Records

Collect any and all papers that your children need in order to transfer to their new school district. Take care of this task before moving, otherwise, you might have issues come the new school year.

Medical Records

If you’re changing doctors because of the move, arrange to have all of your medical records sent to your new doctor before you move.

Refill Your Prescriptions

Make sure you have your prescriptions filled and change your pharmacy location while doing so. This move will reduce stress in the long run.

Internet and Utilities

Depending on how important the Internet is to you and your family, it may be a good idea to have the Internet set up for you and waiting at your new home. Remember to cancel your Internet and utilities at your old home and transfer them to your new place.

Driver’s License, Car, and Voter Registration

Take care of these vital changes within one month of your move.

Social Security Address Change

You can change your address with social security really easily through this site:

These are just some of the most important things that you must remember to do during a move. Do as many of them as you can before your move to avoid headaches in the future! Good luck!