Storing Office Furniture
Storing Office Furniture

When it comes to running a business, you can’t be quick to ditch or sell excess inventory or equipment—you never know when you may need to call on your investment of your office furniture. And unfortunately there’s rarely just an extra room to store desks, chairs, tables, and more.

If you need to store your office furniture, a storage unit is a great solution that offers you the additional space you need for your business for a cheaper price than expanding your business or clogging up valuable work space. Here are a few quick tips to use when storing office furniture in self storage.

1. Find the right storage unit by features

Before anything, find the best storage unit for your office furniture. It’s recommended that you find a storage unit near your business, however, if you’re located downtown or in a highly populated area, you may be able to save money by driving a little further out of town.

We highly recommend two things to protect your business equipment: climate control and security. Climate control will maintain a constant temperature and humidity level within your unit, which will protect your wood, leather, plastic, glass, and other sensitive materials from weather-related damages. You should also find a storage facility with strong security features such as electronic gate access, video surveillance, and onsite management.

2. Clean and disassemble your office furniture

Once you’ve determined the right storage unit, you can begin cleaning and taking apart your office furniture. Cleaning is crucial as it will eliminate any dirt, dust, or other contaminants that could clog up desk drawers, scratch finishes, and more as well as help maintain a good condition.

It may seem like an unnecessary step, but disassembling as much as you can, such as desks, shelves, or chairs, can help for smooth transportation and packing as well as keep things safe from breaking. Just be sure to store any screws and bolts in a plastic baggie and tape them to the furniture they belong so they don’t get lost.

3. Organize your storage unit

When placing your items in the storage unit, organize the belongings for easy access later on. This may include lining the walls of a smaller unit or creating aisles between items if you have a larger space. It’s also recommended you take inventory of what you’re storing to keep on hand in the office and label everything.

As a part of this step, make sure that everything is properly covered and wrapped. If wrapping glass or mirrors, avoid taping directly on the surface to avoid any adhesive smudges later on. This offers another layer of protection from dust and any small traces of humidity left in the air. Lastly, if you’re not using climate control, which again is highly recommended, be sure to place your office furniture on tarps or wooden pallets to protect from any humidity on the ground.

Running a business can be complicated, using self storage should be simple. With these three quick tips for storing office furniture, you can get back to more important things knowing your furniture is safe and protected and ready for you to use when you need it again.

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