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Well, if it isn’t summer before we know it? This week in Nebraska, temperatures hit 80 degrees! Although this weather is perfect for throwing on a pair of shorts on and enjoying leisure time outside, it puts a damper on winter sports! If you haven’t thought about throwing your snowboard and snowmobile into storage, it might be time to start considering it!


Big toys take up a lot of storage space.  Your first consideration when storing these items may be a self-storage unit. Things to consider when storing large winter sport items in a self-storage unit:


1)      Size and Capacity. Make sure you get a space that can fit your snowmobile, snowboard, and any extra equipment that may have to be stored with it. Also be sure to check the width of the unit’s door. Trailers or other items may be too wide and not fit.

2)      Safety. When storing these expensive items, you want a storage unit with security features such as an entry keypad and security cameras. Also, in certain regions, a climate-controlled storage unit may be the safest selection to protect against extreme heat and humidity.

3)      Convenience. It’s important to occasionally check up on items in storage. Therefore, you want to pick a location that is easy to get to, and with a staff that is easy to work with!


Some other general steps to take before storing your snowboard and snowmobile include:




          Freshly wax your snowboard and sharpen the edges.

          Wrap your snowboard up in either a plastic zip-up board bad or in plastic shrink-wrap material.

          Store your board standing up, and not directly on hard floor.


More snowboard storage information can be found at



          Before storing, properly clean and polish your machine.

          Paint ski bottoms.

          Coat all metal surfaces with WD40 to prevent rust. Rust is bad!

          Loosen track-tensioning bolts to their limit to prevent stretching and crackling in storage.

          Take the battery out and place it somewhere out of sunlight.

          Remove the drive belt and leave it unrolled while in storage.


More snowmobile storage information can be found at


Hopefully these steps and links are sufficient in aiding you and your winter storage needs. Big smiles everyone! It’s almost summer time! Time to trade in your snow gear for lake gear. I don’t know about you, but I can’t wait to be boating and soaking up the sun!


Have a great day!


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