Like most people, I’ve found that there is never enough storage space for, well, anything. When I finally decide to go out and purchase some home organizational items I mainly find that options range from ugly plastic bins, to shelves of all types, and wicker baskets. Those options might be functional for larger items, but for smaller things they aren’t that great—and not to mention that unless you live in a dorm room, big plastic bins aren’t a stylish look. Shelves are great, but do you really want to put your floss, tweezers, or your cotton swabs out on a shelf in your bathroom? Also, baskets and things of that sort take up a lot of floor space. That’s why I’ve created this blog to help you find practical solutions for storage for the smaller things you need storage and organization for ways to make these items fit in with your home décor. I want to share with you the quickest, easiest things you can get—glass jars.

First, think about the aesthetic of your home. Is it modern and sleek, comfy country chic, or maybe something in the middle? Knowing the vibe of your home will surprisingly help a lot when trying to find great storage solutions. Now that you’ve decided which direction you want to take your home storage solutions, it is time to purchase a few things.

The first thing you need is a solid supply of glass jars of several sizes. Glass jars are great because they come in so many different varieties, sizes, colors, and shapes. You can get a country canning jar if your home lends itself to a more rustic design or you can get a clean, round, simple jar if you like minimalism. Also, glass jars come in some many different colors. They are perfect for organization of small items and are great for helping to make items more accessible and have them blend in with your home design.

A perfect example of how to use small glass jars for function and beauty is in the bathroom. Cotton balls, make up, make-up sponges, razors, cotton swabs, and other loose items like that are perfect for storing in glass jars. When you use a jar to contain these items, you putting them into an attractive vessel that you can leave out on a counter or shelf instead of hiding under your cabinet where they aren’t conveniently accessed. To conceal what is in the jar a little bit and to add a pop of color, you can spray paint the glass or decoupage your own pictures or scrapbook paper on it. Another tip to personalize this form of storage is that if you write on a glass jar with traditional white, kid’s glue or hot glue and let it dry, then spray paint over the words, you get a great label with an artistic touch. You can tell what is in the jar without having to look in it and it is beautifully subtle.

In the office, glass jars a great way to store items like staples, pens, tacks, pencils, paper clips and other tiny items. The cardboard boxes that these items come in originally are not exactly eye catching and often break when you are trying to open the package anyway. Put your office supplies in the glass jars to keep them separate, keep them organized, and to keep them out on your desk where they are handy to reach. Again, personalize the jars to make them match your room. You can spray paint the inside of the jar a glossy black for a great modern look or decoupage family photos on it for a personal touch. How they look is up to you.

Finally, in the kitchen is where you can find a million and one uses for glass jars for storage. Many people are turning away from plastic for food storage and towards glass for health reasons. Use canning jars to store pre-made salads. If you keep the dressing on the bottom, put the lettuce in last, and screw on the top tightly, your salad will stay fresher longer than they ever have before. These jars are cute and great for lunches, parties, and general storage purposes. Use jars with good lids for storing your flour, sugars, and other baking goods. In the kitchen, try spray painting the glass with chalkboard paint that way you can easily update the label on your jars.

Instead of just leaving your jars sitting on a table or shelf taking up space, you can mount them to the wall. Get pipe clamps from any home improvement store in size appropriate to go around your glass jars. Use picture mounting brackets to attach the jar and pipe clamp onto any wall. You can keep your things organized and save counter space when you hang them. It is an efficient attractive way to meet your storage needs.

Go to just about any department store, home improvement store, or craft store to find some glass jar solutions to some of your storage problems. You can put them on shelves, in closets, hung on walls, or hung on the inside of cabinet doors for easy access. Keeping your things organized is a great way to simplify your life and make it a little bit better.