You have to assume accidents happen and pack with that mindset of trying to achieve safe storage. (RTimages/

By Mike Jones, VP of Operations,

All the time we talk about moving in to your storage unit, finding a storage unit, or packing boxes to put in to your unit…but we rarely talk about what to do once you’re actually using your storage unit. Your storage space doesn’t need to be some out of sight, out of mind dumping ground for stuff. It can, and if possible should, be a place that you access frequently and use as a working space. When accessing your storage unit, you should remember to bring certain things with you and perform a couple of maintenance steps to help make your experience even better.

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Remember if you’re accessing your storage unit frequently that you should focus on keeping it clean and organized. (RTimages/

First of all, you’ll want to go during access hours (it’s easy to show up when you feel like it instead of during a facility’s access hours and become frustrated). Next, pick a time during those access hours that won’t be incredibly hot if your accessing it during the summer months and you’ll want to avoid high traffic times. Doing little bits of planning can help make the experience so much better.

Next, bring some supplies with you. You’ll want to bring a box cutter, tape, a flashlight, gloves maybe, a couple of empty bags, and perhaps even a hand truck. It’s so east to forget these things because most of us only think about what we need from the unit and not how to properly put the unit back together. Once you bust open a few boxes to retrieve what you’re looking for, you’ll want to secure those boxes again. A flashlight and gloves can help make digging through stacks and piles of stuff a little easier.

You’ll also want to bring a broom with you. Sweeping out your unit periodically can greatly help out your storage experience. Keeping the area clean helps to reduce buildup on your stuff and help to ward off critters that might sneak into your unit.

Also remember to leave your unit looking better than it did when you first arrived to it. It’s so easy to grab  what you want and then leave stacks looking disheveled or leave boxes open. Putting thing back nicely will help make your next trip there better. You never want to develop that, “ugg, I don’t want to go to that messy old unit” feeling. Especially when that feeling is mostly avoidable.

When accessing your storage unit, keep in mind how you are leaving things when you’re done to make sure future trips there are still good. Remember to bring various supplies with you to help you out; sometimes facilities sell supplies if you do happen to forget though. Part of getting your money’s worth out of a storage unit for many is the ability to use it and access it. Hopefully you’re keeping good stuff in your unit, so why not use that good stuff? Don’t let your storage unit turn into a musty, forgotten, black hole of stuff. Keep accessing your storage unit and enjoy the benefits of having extra room.