Tips for Loading Your Moving Van

By Mike Jones, VP of Operations,

Have you ever tried to load a car up with presents after a wedding, shower, or party? It’s hard to get everything to fit and it’s especially hard to do if the gifts are still wrapped and you don’t know which ones are more fragile than others. At least when you’re moving and loading vehicles to transport your items you have the benefit of knowing what’s in each box (because you KNOW how important good labeling is). Things can still be tricky though when loading your moving van or personal vehicle up for a move or to put items into storage. Follow these few tips to help you out:

  • When loading your moving van, make sure items are placed in securely and won't move around much. (Christina Richards/

    When loading your moving van, make sure items are placed in securely and won’t move around much. (Christina Richards/

    Needed last goes first: Remembering the rule of “first in, last out” can be extremely helpful. It’s tempting to want to load up your most important stuff first or the things you use most often so you can make sure they are on their way to your next destination, but if you put it in the moving van (or storage unit) first, then you’re going to have to wait until everything else is out to get those things back.

  • If it moves, secure it: Movement of items isn’t good. You want to use tight packing and lots of bungee cords to makes sure nothing is able to move around when it’s loaded. If things move, then they can knock into other things and cause major damage. Also, this can become a serious safety issue.
  • Take “fragile” labels seriously: If something is labeled as “fragile,” don’t shrug that off or say, “oh, I know what that is. It’ll be okay this one time.” It isn’t okay (trust me, been there and done that). Be careful with your items and keep them on the top of stacks and away from things that might fall on them.
  • Keep motion in mind: This ties back into the second bullet, but remember that when items are in a moving van or truck, you need to consider how motion like sudden stops or sharp turns might impact your packing. A stack might seem decently stable when it is left alone, but if it sways at all, odds are a motion might make it topple over.

Those are just a few tips for loading your moving van. There’s a lot more to consider if you’re doing a move on your own and aren’t trusting the packing and relocation of your items with somebody else. Just remember to always be careful and expect the worst while hoping for the best.

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