Tips to Store Kids’ Clothes

By Mike Jones, VP of Operations,

Ever noticed how kids can wear the same thing year after year? Yeah, me neither. Kids out grow clothes at a ridiculous rate and kids clothes these days aren’t exactly cheap, so keeping these clothes for your next kid to wear them is important. Buying a brand new wardrobe for each kid would be nice, but it isn’t practical. To help make sure I’m getting my full money’s worth out of each outfit, I try to pack and store kids’ clothes in the best way possible to help the items retain their quality until they’re ready to be used again.

Wouldn't it be nice if wardrobe boxes could be used to properly store kids' clothes? You would need a pretty big unit from to fit that many boxes. (GoodMood Photo/

Wouldn’t it be nice if wardrobe boxes could be used to efficiently & properly store kids’ clothes for long-term storage? You would need a pretty big unit from to fit that many boxes. (GoodMood Photo/

First, find a climate controlled area to keep the clothes in long term. This space might be your basement, a spare bedroom closet, or even a conveniently located self storage unit. Wherever you find to use as your place to store kids’ clothes, having it climate controlled can help retain the quality of the stored pieces. When you store kids’ clothes, you don’t want them to be in an area that is prone to changes in temperature because over time that musty smell might develop.

Next, use air-tight plastic bins to store kids’ clothes. Plastic bins are perfect for this for so many reasons. First, it’s easy to see inside of them because most of them are clear. Yes, you can label a box “Timmy 3-6 month clothes” but there might be more than one and you might be looking for something specific you want to take out. The air-tight bins help to keep out critters that might get in and damage the clothes. Also, these bins are so easy to stack. Cardboard boxes can collapse, they might not be level, and they come in so many different sizes. Purchasing a bunch of uniform-sized bins helps to make life so much easier. Arguments can be made for proper air circulation for the best storage option, but using these bins to store kids’ clothes works for me.

Also, do label each bin. Yes, you can see inside, but it’s much easier to read a label then try to guess what’s inside. Remember to label each bin as you FINISH loading it. I emphasize that this be done after the bin is full because you never know what you might be able to cram into one of those bins and you don’t want to have to make a new label.

Lastly, remove any moisture that might exist. This means doing little things like not putting freshly washed & dried clothes into a bin especially if the clothes are still warm or even still slightly damp. Wait a few hours to put clothes into a bin to let any excess moisture escape the fabric. ONLY PUT CLEAN CLOTHES into the bins–just make sure they are DRY clean clothes.

Taking the time to store kids’ clothes right can help save a lot of money down the road. Quality retention is important so make sure that if you’re taking the time to put clothes into storage, you’re doing it well.

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