By Ryan McDonald, Writer

One of the hardest items to pack is plants. As a plant owner you have spent countless hours raising and caring for your plants and now they are an amazing sight for all of your guests to see. If you’re moving across state lines or to another country, you have a whole list of regulations and rules to consider. For this blog, the focus will be on transporting plants for a local move. Since you’ve put so much time and effort into your plants, you will want them to look the same in your new home but to keep their true beauty there are steps you must take to properly move your plants. 

Preparation is one of the most important parts in moving plants. About a month preceding your move start watering them a little more than usual. After a couple weeks have passed now it is time to give your plants a new home.

If you are working with household plants, then take some scissors and slide them around edge of your pot to loosen the soil. Find a clean and sterile plastic pot and place your plant in its new home. It is highly recommended to check your plants for any bugs or mildew. Our new home wants to be neat and beautiful so don’t let the bugs sneak along with you and damper all the fun.

If you have a whole garden to move, your preparation process will be a little different. Take a look at your beautiful, growing landscaped masterpiece. Are there any plants that could be trimmed back? It doesn’t have to be anything fancy but try to take off about a 1/3 of the stems and foliage. After the trim you will want to carefully remove them from the ground very carefully. You’ll want to pack together a significant amount of moist dirt and securely wrap the root structure with newspaper. This will help to keep your plants’ roots protected and nourished.

The final preparation step is to wrap your plants in some sort of plastic with holes in it. Your plants need to be able to breathe during the move and this will avoid mold from building up on the wet paper.

Now for the move!

You may be lucky enough to find a moving company that will move your plants for you but if not follow these steps:

  • Get a moving box sufficient enough to hold your plants and surround it with bubble wrap.  Try and use a corrugated box to pack your plants.
  • Your plants will be one of the most delicate things you can move so you will want to load them last.
  • Be sure to secure your plants when packed for the move. You will want them to stay upright without being jostled.
  • Make sure to keep the temperature as regulated as possible. Avoid extreme temperatures if at all possible.

You made it! Before unloading however find a comfortable room for your plants to stay while you move in. They will need to take some time to adjust to their new homes so wait a few weeks before re-potting or re-planting them.