The side of a big moving van is a great place to post an advertisement for your business.

By Aaron Mackel,

With a fresh year, it is normal to be looking for ways to reinvigorate business and find new ways to improve upon last year. This can be done in a number of ways. Some might be looking for ways to be more organized. Others might be trying to find ways to make their money spent towards marketing more effective. Another option is to invest in enhancing facilities and other physical products. If you are interested in this last improvement, why not consider adding rental trucks to your arsenal?

The side of a big moving van is a great place to post an advertisement for your business.

Simply put, most people who are moving anything don’t have the vehicle to handle the move. A large percentage of people moving will be seeking a moving truck to rent. If they need somewhere to go with their stuff and need a truck to rent, they will be more inclined to choose a place that has both. This is a major convenience for customers since they don’t have to make an extra trip just to pick up a big truck they are probably not completely comfortable driving. Having truck rental is a major selling point for many interested customers.

While the convenience of truck rental at a self storage facility is a big selling point for those looking to store their possessions, it will also provide facility owners with some benefits of their own. Truck rental allows for owners to use them as a great promotional tool. One example would be providing free truck rental for move in. This helps facility owners get people into the facility while saving the customer money. It is a win, win situation.

Lastly, it can allow for storage facilities to make some money outside of storage. People could simply rent a truck to rent a truck. This opens up some new possibilities to make money even if customers are not interested in storing their possessions in self storage.

As we start 2013 we should all be looking for ways to take another step in the right direction. For self storage facilities, having truck rental available is one way to open up some new doors that could lead to bigger and better things.