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By Laura Gee, Content and Social Media Manager,

In a perfect world, what’s yours is yours and it remains yours until it is time to give it away, sell it, or trash it. Unfortunately, there are some people who find it necessary to take what is yours and makes it theirs. To have a secure storage and/or moving experience, there are some easy tips you follow that will help protect your things and won’t make you feel like you’re distrusting all of society. Your self storage facility’s security is probably already pretty good, the area your moving into or out of is hopefully fairly safe, and the people that are helping you are hopefully trustworthy, but it’s okay to do a few extra things to ensure you have a secure storage experience and that nothing gets “misplaced” during your move.

Having a secure storage experience means taking steps yourself to protect your valuable items. (jdwfoto/
Having a secure storage experience means taking steps yourself to protect your valuable items. (jdwfoto/

First, be discrete with your labeling system. Having a secure storage or moving experience means protecting your stuff in many ways. I’m the biggest fan of labeling boxes that there has ever been, but I do believe in being discrete about labeling boxes containing valuables or sensitive information. There is no need to put “Office- Vintage Tiffany Lamp” on a box when you could simple put “office lamp #1.” You will know that there is a lamp in there and that it is a good one, but the rest of the world won’t know how valuable it is and won’t be tempted to walk off with it if they are in need of money. Also, instead of putting “Office- Bills, Financial Records” on a box (which is a tip off that your personal data is stored inside) use a label like “Office-Bottom Cabinet Drawer.” You know that you kept important documents in that drawer, but nobody else does!

Next, don’t leave items that are valuable and can easily and quickly “walk away” near open doors. It’s tempting to leave your handbag at the front door when you’re moving or put it near your storage unit’s door, but that wouldn’t be a good secure storage or moving habit. It’d be easy for somebody to walk by and grab that bag without missing a beat. Use the same principal for small TVs, electronics, tools, or any other decently valuable and small item. Keep those away from open doors to make them less easy to grab.

Another secure storage tip would be to make sure that you’re monitoring your stuff at all times. Leaving your items unattended is  quick way to have them disappear. Having a pile of boxes sitting in the back of your van waiting to be unloaded is fine, but shut and lock the doors. Don’t take a break inside where you can’t keep an eye on your items. As previously mentioned, your storage facility should be fairly secure, but you’ll want to lock your vehicle in between trips to your unit when you’re loading it.

Having a secure storage and/or moving experience helps to make life a little easier. Nobody wants to file a police report because they made a careless mistake during a move. Times are tough and criminals can be resourceful. Don’t underestimate what people might do when they see an opportunity. Use secure storage practices to help avoid any problems.