When moving, work with a company you have researched and can trust.

Guest blog from Andy Peterson of MoversCorp,

There have been some instances in the moving industry where scams were reported by homeowners and business clients.  The prevailing sentiment borders around security and peace of mind during the entire moving process.  Unfortunately, for some, it turns out to be a huge nightmare.  In order for you to make sure that you will not be burdened by any unnecessary problems, we have these tips for you to think about.

When moving, work with a company you have researched and can trust.

Do not work with a moving broker.  Technically, you are not protected by the law if you choose to transact with a moving broker.  You are only protected under the specific areas involving your interaction with a licensed moving company.  Apart from that, moving brokers are considered liabilities.  You end up paying more rather than saving your money for more important purposes.

Consider the Internet as an alternative.  When searching for a licensed moving company, it pays to use existing listings like yellow pages or real estate directories.  While it is convenient to use the Internet to search for a moving company, you are not guaranteed its license and its reputation. A good source to check on movers reputation is Moverscorp.com, where you can read reviews from real people.

Meet with the personnel.

Preferably, the moving company you choose to work with should be around your current area.  This makes it easier for you to meet with them and discuss the plan you have in mind.  In addition, you can at least verify that the company exists physically and see how the business is going with them so far.

Compare companies.

As a consumer, you have the freedom to choose the moving company you prefer.  You can do that by comparing the service that each provider offers in your area.  Before you choose, consider the coverage of their services.  Check out the insurance coverage they offer, their rates, their proficiency in service, the length of time they are in business, and the reviews made by other clients.  Reviews will give you an idea about how a moving company is, professionally.

Know enough about the moving company.

The following information is important for you to know about the moving companies you have in mind: MC and DOT license numbers, phone numbers, company address, email addresses, company name or Doing Business as (DBA) name, and references.  You should also be aware that all moving companies are required to provide a printed copy that outlines what your responsibilities are as the client and the liabilities of the moving company when it comes to their services.  Treat this as a disclosure or the fine print they have.  If a company does not have one, do not do business with them.

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