How Mobile Storage Helps with Moves

By Patrick Galvan,

Moving to a new home requires a great deal of planning and effort. Apart from the physical strains of relocating everything you own, you often worry about protecting your belongings, as well as emptying clutter from your current home or apartment to make it more presentable for a potential buyer. During this stressful time, you’ll probably be looking for ways to make the process of moving easier. That’s where a mobile storage unit can come in handy.

Whether you’re decluttering your home for a potential buyer or in the actual process of relocating, you’ll need a way to store and transport your belongings.

With mobile storage (also called portable storage), a storage provider will deliver a storage unit to your home instead of requiring you to use a traditional self storage unit on their premises. From there, you load your belongings at your own pace. Once you’re finished loading your portable storage unit, you simply call the storage provider to have them either pick up and move the unit to your new home or store the unit at a warehouse until you need it.

This is much more convenient than renting a moving truck, which you have to pick up and later return on your own time. Not to mention, moving trucks can be expensive, depending on the timing and distance of your move.

Another advantage to using mobile containers over a professional moving service is that loading mobile containers requires less physical labor. In order to load items in the back of a moving truck, you must either haul them up a ramp or lift the boxes over your head. The heavier the item, the more intense the labor will be.

Since a mobile storage unit sits on the ground, loading is easier. You can carry your belongings across a flat surface, and you don’t need to lift anything, which is useful with heavier items like furniture. Can you imagine the stress it would take to move all of your sofas and tables across a steep ramp into a truck both before and after you reach your destination?

Determining schedules, commuting across town or an entire state, and finding enough space are all complications of moving. But moving doesn’t have to be difficult when mobile storage is an option.

Be sure to check with storage facilities to see what your portable storage options are and how they can accommodate your moving needs. Also, if you’re planning to move to another city or state, be sure to ask the mobile storage provider ahead of time if they can help with long-distance storage transportation.