Portable Storage Unit
Portable Storage Unit


As someone who has moved a lot, I find it incredibly annoying when something I need is in a box that I cannot access. If I need my coffee pot and the carafe is in one box and the actually maker is who only knows where in another, I go crazy. When we decided to do a complete overhaul of our master suite, I knew that the “inconvenient sea of boxes” was in my future again. Thankfully, we’ve opted to use a portable storage container to help make living through this a little easier.


Even the easiest of remodels is hard. Anybody who says differently needs to share their rose colored glasses with the rest of the world. When using an on-site storage option though, things do get a little easier. In that storage container that you can place on your property, you can put whatever you’d like and keep everything organized.


For us, we rented a climate controlled mobile storage container so we could keep a variety of items in there. We have many of our displaced items organized nicely in that space. I have my clothes in one area, shoes in another, and my husband’s bins of uniform items are stacked in regulation rows. I can go out to that unit and not worry a bit about if my leather (and multitude of plastic pleather) items are melting under the hot southern sun.


Also, we can keep some of the materials for our remodel in the convenient unit as well. One weekend we saw an amazing sale on wood like porcelain tile that will match perfectly in our new master bathroom and we were able to swoop up all we needed at an amazing price point because we already had a great storage option for it. Instead of stacking boxes in my living room, I was able to put the boxes of tile in an out-of-the-way portion of my portable storage container. Now, when the contractor is ready for the material, it is right there!


I still grumble from time to time about this or that of the remodel, but the mobile storage unit is making life so much easier. Instead of having my house inundated with boxes and building materials, my home looks like it always does. Having my master suite torn up is enough to deal with so having the rest of the house provide stability is great. Without my hand dandy storage container in the front driveway, none of this peace of mind would’ve been possible