Using Storage While Moving

By Molly Hammond,

One of the most trying things about moving from one home to another can be making the timelines work. Often, people need to be out of their old homes before their new homes are ready. Other times, a lease is up and they’re still in the middle of a new home search. Whatever the case, it means finding a place to stash stuff is a necessity. Fortunately, this kind of short-term situation is what using self storage is all about, so finding the right storage unit for your between-homes needs is easy.

Be Realistic About Space

Storage units come in a lot of different sizes, but if you’re storing most or all of the furniture and appliances from your home, you’re going to need a large one. A 10×10 or 10×15 is appropriate for apartment dwellers, but a multi-bedroom homeowner may need something larger, like a 10×20 or 10×30.

Most storage sites will have a size guide to help you choose the right unit for your belongings, and it’s important to be realistic about the space you’ll need. It’s easy to underestimate just how much space your things take up when they’re all in one space rather than spread throughout a home.

Since you’ll only be renting your storage unit for a short time while you’re in the process of moving, there’s no reason not to spring for a larger unit that will be certain to hold all of your belongings comfortably.

Seek Out Security

Even though you’ll probably keep your most important items with you during your move, your storage unit will still be chock-full of important and expensive belongings. Before loading your possessions into any old storage unit, make sure that you’ve chosen a storage facility that makes you feel comfortable!

Feel free to ask facility managers what sort of security they offer since amenities vary from facility to facility. Some facilities won’t offer much beyond a padlocked unit; others will have alarmed units, gated access, and video surveillance. These amenities may mean a higher rental cost each month, but it’s worthwhile when you’re storing everything you own.

No Contract, No Problem

The majority of self storage units are rented on a month-to-month basis, which means you won’t pay for the unit for longer than you need it. It also means that if your home hunting or selling is taking a bit longer than expected, you can continue renting with no hassle. Of course, if you know you’ll need your unit for a month or two, there may be discounts available. Be sure to ask at the facility you choose so that you can be sure to grab the best price!

With just a little forethought, finding a temporary home for your belongings while you find a new home for yourself can be a total breeze!