Why Businesses Should Use Self-Storage

By Mike Jones, USstoragesearch.com

Most businesses need a designated work space to be productive, but renting office space can be a big investment that depletes funds better spent improving daily operations.

Many new businesses—and even older more experienced businesses—have turned to self-storage to help with this problem. While these businesses value the extra storage space they gain through renting self-storage, they’ve found ways to do more than just store equipment. Let’s take a look at some of the different ways that storage units are being used to help businesses save money and operate more efficiently:

  • More Affordable Space – Yes, there’s more to using self-storage than simply for storage, but it’s still one of the major benefits. When businesses need more storage, renting a storage unit is a significantly more affordable option than renting a larger office with warehouse space. In addition, when the business grows out of their current space, it’s much easier to rent another unit than to move into another office.
  • Replacing the Office Altogether – This isn’t an option for all businesses, but some might find it easier to run their entire operation out of a storage unit. Some storage facilities even provide everything needed to make this happen. Obviously, the space to store equipment and materials is there, but features like WiFi and electricity can turn a storage unit into a fully operational office space.
  • Accessible Location – Contractors and other service providers are among the most frequent users of self-storage for business because they’re pretty mobile. For businesses that are always on the go, location is a big deal. Having an office space that’s in a good location will save both time and money for a company. Most cities have several self-storage facilities located throughout the area. Businesses can use this to their advantage and find locations that cut down on travel time. For businesses with large enough operations, renting multiple units distributed throughout town could take this benefit to the next level.

Self-storage isn’t for every business, but in many instances, it’s a very profitable option. Anything that can save businesses both time and money is something worth considering!