By Laura Gee, Content and Social Media Manager,

Facebook’s Graph Search is just yet another innovation to come out of the world of social media. It is yet to been seen–seen the project was just announced Tuesday and is only in its beta stages–what impact it will have, but it is another reminder of its growing presence. This social media world is only growing and isn’t going away. I’m not telling you to use social media (since you already should be), but I am suggesting that you use it better because it is a valid part and powerful of many business industries–including the storage industry. You should use its vast reach to help your storage business by engaging with eager customers and learning from them.

In a press release sent out earlier this month, Door-to-Door, Inc. announced that it saw a “surge of social media adoption by customers.” In the previously mentioned press release Tracey Kelly, Senior Vice President of Sales and Marketing for Door to Door Storage® is quoted as saying, “Our commitment to social media was based on feedback from our customers who wanted to find relevant information and shared experiences regarding moving and storage. Customers want real-time feedback that is unvarnished from their peers.” This is just one example of a company that saw that social media was not only a good tool, but something that customers genuinely wanted. If this company received this response, who’s to say that your company doesn’t have the same sort of feelings towards it from customers? You can interact with customers directly and start conversing with them on a popular and familiar platform.

To further prove the power of social media, in an article, Dunkin’ Donuts claims that thanks to what it was hearing from its west coast followers on social media outlets, they now want to expand from just east coast locations and try opening stores in southern California. With the response and information gleaned from Twitter and Facebook, a company was able to realize that their growth potential could be bi-coastal. Your company can learn a lot from listening to your customers online. It’s a quick way to hear from customers what is working, what isn’t, and what could be done to make your business even better.

You should be engaging with customers on multiple platforms. You should be listening as well as speaking. Use these tools to help you. As previously mentioned, social media’s presence is growing and social media’s power is evident. Tapping into this properly can help your moving or storage business. See how you can use social media to connect with more people and see what you can learn from those people.