Storage for Lawn/Landscaping Storage

Storage for Lawn/Landscaping Storage

Different types of businesses can benefit from using a storage unit—whether it’s a technology company storing extra equipment, a retailer storing inventory, or a contractor using it as their home base. However, not many businesses can benefit from the use of a storage unit as much as a lawn care/landscaping business can.

Every single tool used for lawn care and landscaping needs to be stored when not in use (especially for lawn care/landscaping businesses that don’t run for months during the winter), and that’s the unique specialty of a storage unit.

Who Needs an Office?

Not every lawn care or landscaping business is the same by any means, but there are quite a few that don’t even have a designated headquarters. Several owners of lawn care companies just operate everything from their own homes and usually need a place to store all of their equipment.

Renting a storage unit can be far more cost-effective than purchasing a large garage that includes an office for the other aspects of running of a business. And with technology the way it is, it’s becoming increasingly more feasible for people to run their businesses from home. All some business owners need is a laptop, an Internet connection, and a smartphone for when they’re on the move.

Storing the Equipment

Lawn care and landscaping companies, depending on their size, can own a lot of equipment. Offering a wide array of services, many companies have trucks, trailers, mowers, trimmers, chemicals, and more to help them complete the job. Using a storage unit can be a far more affordable method for storing all of this than buying or building a large company garage. With ease of access and vehicle storage available at most facilities, a storage unit can be the perfect place to base your lawn care or landscaping company.

For storing sensitive materials like lawn chemicals, seeds, and fertilizers, a climate-controlled unit can be a great solution. Certain chemicals will start to change or become unstable at high temperatures so this could be something that’s necessary. You can even pair a climate-controlled unit with a unit large enough to house a fully-loaded trailer that’s ready to hook up and go.

When running a lawn care/landscaping company, there are a lot of things to be concerned about, including the weather, inventory, your workers, and finances. Why not let self storage take one more concern of where you’re going to store your equipment off the table?