After just launching our Storage Syndication Program in October of this year, is excited to announce a new partnership with the and family of websites. In total there will be nearly 1,500 new websites displaying members’ storage listings. Local listings for members will be displayed in each market from to and more than 1,500 local city websites in between. and were founded in 1999 and are pioneer websites in “hyperlocal” searches – they even have the trademark on the term “hyperlocal”. Each of the 1,500 plus city markets covered by and have their own unique URL, unique content and strong search engine rankings for local searches. will be’s exclusive partner for all searches relating to the storage industry! What does this mean for members participating in the Storage Syndication Program? It means that your listing can be found by more than 4.4 million unique visitors each month to the sites. In addition your listings will be prominently displayed and can instantly be viewed by any of the more than 600,000 unique visitors each month who view the family of websites’ real estate pages. member’s listings will be able to be found multiple ways on the family of websites including:

  • Instant search for storage within other industry related categories. For example visitors looking at house listings, apartment listings, movers, etc. will be able to instantly search member listings for storage in the same area using the search widget located next to the apartment, house and mover listings.
  • Direct link to all storage in the local market from the Real Estate landing page.
  • Direct link to the member listings from the homepage navigation bar link for storage.
  • Any search including all industry keywords (storage, self storage, mini storage, portable storage, etc.) will return results that only include member facilities. These searches can be done within the local pages or from any home page. Even if the sites don’t include a particular city/state market yet, any zip code search will return member listings for that zip code in the results. is proud to have been chosen as the storage partner for and to provide our members with the ability to reach more than 4 million additional web users each month resulting in what will undoubtedly be a positive increase in web traffic and rentals for our participating members. Being the longest standing online storage directory with the largest member base has been one of the primary reasons more than 3,000 websites have committed to participate in the Storage Syndication program. If you are a member and have not yet signed up for our syndication program please contact us today at 1-866-880-0742 or