Vacation Storage: Make Your Next Trip Even Better

Renting a vacation storage unit from can make your vacations even better! ( Valua Vitaly/

By Laura Gee, Content and Social Media Manager,

Vacations tend to be something that most of us look forward to for months. A vacation is a time to relax and unwind and escape everyday realities. My Facebook feed was flooded for the past couple of weeks with photos of people on trips or status updates giving us the countdown of when they leave for their favorite places. For those who go to the same place every year, renting a vacation storage unit can make your vacation even sweeter because you cut out half of your packing.

Renting a vacation storage unit from can make your vacations even better! ( Valua Vitaly/
Renting a vacation storage unit from can make your vacations even better! ( Valua Vitaly/

One friend in particular these past few weeks caught my attention because she’s been talking about this beach trip to that they go on every single year. Now, she has a few kids as do her brother’s and sister’s so when her whole family makes the trip to the shore, they have to bring a lot of stuff. Beach chairs, skim boards, and beach toys aren’t the top ten list of “must pack” items anymore. They also have to worry portable cribs, strollers, and approximately a million other things that kids need. If they were to rent out a cheap vacation storage unit near the rental home they go to every year, they wouldn’t have to worry about packing their beach gear at all! It’d all be organized in a unit waiting for them.

Vacation storage units allow you to leave the stuff you strictly use for your trip in another place. If you don’t use your beach chairs or jet skis or snowboard at home, don’t bring them home. You can rent a cheap vacation storage unit near your favorite destination that can make packing so much easier! You’d no longer have to keep all of that stuff in your home, worry if you’ve packed everything trip related, haul that stuff all over, or worry about any of it again! Everything you’d need, except personal items, would be sitting there ready for you!

A small locker can be just what the doctor ordered to make your trip a little less stressful. Even finding places to keep just some of the stuff you need can be a major stress relief. Vacation storage units are even more handy if you have to fly to your destination. Leave an extra set of golf clubs in the storage unit instead of bringing out your good set on vacation. Fishing poles, skis, hiking boots, surf boards…all of these items are typical for a vacation, but they can be a pain to travel with. These would all fit into a cheap vacation storage locker and would make traveling and your trip so much easier!

If you go to the same general area every year, consider renting a vacation storage unit near that destination. Or, perhaps you do the same kind of thing every year but at a different destination. In that case, you can still save space in your home by renting a local vacation storage unit. No matter how you look at it, having half the battle of packing already tackled because your stuff is organized in one location is wonderful. Find a cheap unit now and start making your vacation time even better.