By Laura

The 2013 Academy Awards are THIS SUNDAY! Can you believe it? I love the Oscars. The fashions, the competition, the awkward speeches…they’re so much fun. This year Seth MacFarlane is hosting and you know he’ll deliver some fantastic comedy.

Check out my Oscar Party vlog here:

Of course, you know I love a theme party, so I created a short VLOG for today that has a few ideas to make your Oscar party more fun. Since MacFarlane has said his goal is to perk up the awards show, the least we can do is to perk up our parties as well.

In the VLOG, I’m dressed up as Bradley Cooper’s character from Silver Linings Playbook. I have many other costume ideas for an Oscar part, but I thought I’d share the easiest one today in the VLOG. You can be a pilot in honor of Denzel. You can rock some sweet facial hair to celebrate Argo or wear a top hat to represent Lincoln. Dressing up in character is a lot more fun than the traditional Hollywood Glam themed parties. Plus, this year’s list opens things up to some pretty creative options.

Next, I encourage you to play and have fun during the awards. This link here will take you to a ballot sheet that can be downloaded and printed off for you and your guests to fill out the night of show. See who can get the most right and see if anybody gets them all wrong. It’s fun to see who has the best judgement…or to at least see who is the best guesser.

This link here will take you to an Oscar Bingo card as will this one here. Oscar Bingo is fun because there are so many typical things that happen each year that it’s fun to make fun of them.

The Academy actually has a pretty good party kit you can download here to help give you some ideas on how to get started with your Oscar party.