An innocent box of crayons can melt and cause a lot of damage if you have them stored in an area that isn't climate controlled. (Judy Kennamer/

By Laura Gee, Content and Social Media Manager,

Moving season is in the very, very near future. For sale signs are popping up all over neighborhoods. As the school year comes to an end, warm weather approaches, and people are in the zone for relocating. While you’re relocating, you need to keep this warmer weather in mind. When using movers and/or putting items into storage, you need to take into consideration what the warmer temperatures might do to your items that are being transported.

An innocent box of crayons can melt and cause a lot of damage if you have them stored in an area that isn’t climate controlled. (Judy Kennamer/

In parts of the country, temperatures are going to be up into the 90s today. That is great for many activities, but it can be tough for your stored items–especially when keeping in mind that temperatures are probably only going to climb throughout the spring and into the summer. When packing, you need to think about how each item you’re putting into a particular box might be impacted by the heat.

Crayons, bottles of lotion, candles…those are just a few examples of items that can be a mess if left out in the heat. If you have an innocent bottle of lotion slid into a  random box because it fit, that box might end up full of lotion once the weather gets to hot and the bottle leaks. It can get to be very hot in a non-climate controlled storage unit or moving van during the spring and summer.

Paper items, electronics, wooden furniture, and much more can be negatively effected by heat as well. Paper items can easily have their ink stick to other items after they get too hot. Glossy pages especially can get sticky and cause a lot of damage if they get over heated. Electronics and wooden furniture can be seriously damaged by the changes in temperature that occur overnight during the hot months because of moisture build up.

If you’re hiring movers, then odds are they will have a list of items that cannot be moved. Many of these items are on the list because of what will happen to them if they are left on a hot box truck for several days at a time. You should apply this to your items that you’re going to put into storage if you aren’t going to be using a climate controlled unit.

It’s easy to sit in your nice, air-conditioned home and forget about how hot it is outside while you’re in the zone of packing. It’s also easy to forget how tossing one simple crayon into a box of bills and other important office papers because you find it left on the floor can cause serious damage. While the weather is wonderful for sports and outdoor activities, your home items that are being moved and stored have different opinions. Make sure that you pack with weather in mind and take necessary storage and moving precautions to get your items from your current location to your new one successfully.