By Colin Ball,

Storing a Bike in an ApartmentLiving in a small apartment can be both good and bad for the people who reside in them. Making sure that there’s enough room for everything that you have is important, but finding the extra space you need can be difficult. One of the biggest obstacles when living in a small place, especially for those living in a big city, is where to put a bike.

While it may be difficult to find more space, creating it is much easier, and often much cheaper. Here are some of the best ways to store a bike in a small apartment:

  • Buy hangers that screw into the wall. This option may be one of the least expensive and easiest to install. To avoid nasty tire scuffs, place removable pads underneath where the tire will sit. This gets your bike off of the floor and gives back the space you need. Just make sure that your lease allows you to hang items on the wall.
  • Create or buy a bike shelf. With the help of a special shelf, which works the same way as a hanger, you can once again get your bike up on the wall and off of the floor. These options usually hold the bike by the frame and not by the front or rear tire, which puts less stress on the bike, helping it last longer. Again, make sure your lease allows you to hang items on the wall.
  • Buy a pinch. If you want your bike on the floor, but no longer want it leaning against a wall, a pinch will hold it upright. This helps to keep marks off the walls while also making it easy to access your bike when you need it.
  • Ceiling mounts. This isn’t the most practical option, especially if you have low ceilings, but it’s worth a try to free up floor space. Also, who needs much ceiling space to begin with?

Having a 500-600 square foot apartment, or even less in some cases, doesn’t have to be a burden if you have more items than the area may allow for. Finding simple, creative, and inexpensive ways to get your bike off the floor can be done in a day. So why not make that day today?