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It’s never too late for an end-of-summer garage sale!

Have you considered renting a self storage unit during the process of your garage sale? Perhaps you might after reading this blog post. Here are four ways to take advantage of self storage during garage sale season.

1. Picking Items to Utilize Self Storage

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A good way to begin prepping for a garage sale is to start picking out your items a few months ahead of time. The more items you have to sell, the more successful your garage sale will be. Maybe you’ve upgraded your TV or purchased a new piece of furniture. The last thing you want to do is clutter your house with items you’d like to sell. What can you do in the mean time until you’ve gathered enough items for your garage sale? You guessed it: put them in a self storage unit.

2. Getting Ready For Your Garage Sale

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If you have a lot of items to sell, you may not have enough space to prepare for your garage sale. By renting a self storage unit, you will have the space to spread out the items you plan to sell. Use this extra space to easily price your items. You can even arrange them from the lowest value to the highest to make pricing easier to wrap your head around.

3. Storing Your Garage Sale Replacements

storage unit items

Are you planning to replace the items you are selling, but don’t have the space to store them until you’ve sold your current items? No worries. If you are going to replace the items you are selling, but haven’t purchased them yet, be sure to use a storage facility that accepts deliveries.

4. Using a Storage Unit to Keep Slow-Moving Sellers

Storage Unit Indoor

One must prepare themselves for the possibility being unable to sell everything during their garage sale. If you still plan to sell it, whether you use craigslist or save it for your next garage sale, but don’t want to haul it back into the house, rent a self-storage that you can sell out of.


There are a lot of good reasons to rent a self storage unit, and taking advantage of one during garage sale season is one of them. If this idea intrigues you, but aren’t sure which storage facility to rent, take a look at our storage facility directory to find one near you.