Storage Facility Upper Level

By Molly Hammond,

Self storage units with drive-up access are popular since they make it easy for people to load or unload items from a moving truck directly into a storage unit. But for storage renters who don’t need to move multiple or heavy items into storage, units with drive-up access aren’t really a necessity. In fact, it just makes storage rent more expensive. That’s where upper-level storage units can be a good option.

While a second or third-floor unit won’t allow you to pick up and drop off items right at your unit’s door, there are a few benefits to renting storage on the upper levels that you may not have considered.

Cut Costs

Because of the high demand for drive-up access units, upper-level storage units often come at a lower cost. If you’re storing items that are all easily carried (like storage tubs or boxes), then an upper-level unit and the savings that come with it might be worthwhile.

Additionally, many storage facilities offering upper-level units also have an elevator, so even storing a few pieces of furniture in an upper-level unit won’t be as much of a hassle as it would if you had to go up a flight of stairs.

Embrace Extra Protection

There are some challenges for first-floor storage units that aren’t much of an issue for upper-level units. For starters, pests like mice, rats, and raccoons are more likely to hang out near drive-up access units than units on the upper levels. It doesn’t make your unit immune to pests, of course, but it does remove some of the risk since animals would have to work harder to get there.

An upper-level unit also offers protection from storms and flooding, which means you won’t unlock your unit to find standing water has ruined all of your items. There’s also more security because an upper-level storage unit is less likely to get broken in to, whereas a ground-level unit is much more accessible for thieves.

Now, an upper-level unit probably isn’t the place to store a whole apartment or house’s worth of items, and it certainly can’t accommodate your classic car. But for a few items that you’re willing to move upstairs, upper-level storage can be a wonderful and more affordable storage option!