What are Wide-Drive Aisles?

By Mike Jones, USstoragesearch.com

When searching for a great storage facility, there are many features to keep in mind, such as climate control, drive-up access, electricity, gated security, and more. One feature that many people don’t keep in mind but probably should is the width of the drive aisles between the buildings.

Easy Loading and Unloading

The main reason you should consider looking for a facility with wide-drive aisles is for ease of access. With narrow aisles, it can be difficult to maneuver a large pickup or moving truck to drop off pieces of furniture or other big items. Heck, sometimes, it can be difficult just to squeeze past a fellow renter who’s parked in the aisle. Also, unloading and loading with a moving truck is a lot easier when you can back the truck right up to the unit so you don’t have to carry heavier items a long distance.

Storing Large Vehicles

If you’re using a storage facility to store your boat, fifth wheel, or RV, having wide-drive aisles can make your trips to the facility a lot quicker. Many times, the parking spots for these recreational vehicles are toward the back of the storage property, meaning you’ll have to drive through the aisles to get to them. If you have a monstrous RV or a boat on a trailer, parking them can be difficult—even with ample room. Minimize that space, and it can become a huge headache. At a facility with wide aisles, parking your recreational vehicles can be a breeze.

While there are many other features to consider when searching for a storage facility, if you are going to be using a large vehicle, then looking for one with wide-drive aisles might be beneficial. These aisles are ideal for people storing recreational vehicles, but they can also make it easier to load and unload for those using a moving truck or a big pickup.