By Laura Gee, Storage and Organization Contributor

Stuffed animals are cute, harmless little things that kids adore—until those fuzzy little friends take over your house one room at a time. Stuffed animal collections start out simple with a little bear or giraffe here and there and then turn into a fluffy zoo that any animal enthusiast would be impressed by. If you aren’t careful, those big-eyed little friends will be sitting over top of your flat screen judging you while you polish off another hour of DVR clearing. There are ways to deal with these animals and their pesky ways of ruining your organized rooms.


One thing that we did was to go up with stuffed animal storage. One solution is the stuffed animal hammock. There are a couple of ways to this. The one we chose was a corner one. It was a reinforced net that was triangular in shape so that it mounted nicely in the corner of the room. Stuffed animals were easily tossed in here and were still accessible. The little friends that weren’t as loved and weren’t quite favorite got tossed onto the net first leaving way for the favorites (and cuter ones) to be on top of the pile. We were able to fit nearly 75 animals in this corner net. If your space is big enough, you can also purchase child size hammocks and toss all of the toys in them that way.

Another way to wrangle those critters is to place a shelf that goes all the way around a kid’s room that is about a foot or a foot and a half from the ceiling. This way animal friends can be displayed, but they are out of the way. Kids can keep the favorite animals on top of their beds, keep it under five, and the rest need to be up on the shelf. Make a rule that only the animals that fit on the shelf or on the bed can stay so you have an excuse to purge some animals every now and then to make room for new ones.

Some of you might think that I am exaggerating about the power of stuffed animals, but I am not. It always starts out so innocently and then turns into a full-on infestation if you aren’t careful. Figure out storage solutions for your kids and their stuffed animals collections. If your kid is more of a collector and doesn’t actively play with them, go the shelves route. If your kid does throw tea parties and small rock concerts with animals in attendance, use a toy box or a net for a storage solution. No matter what you choose, be sure to keep the animals confined to one room. Trust me, or else they will be everywhere before you know it.

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