Having drive-up access to your self storage unit can come in handy in many situations. ( Igorsky/Shutterstock.com)

By Laura Gee, Content and Social Media Manager, USstoragesearch.com

Not all storage units are created equal. It’s true and unfortunate in some regards, but in others, it is awesome. For example, since some storage units don’t have the best location in the facility and don’t have all of the bells and whistles that others might, you just might be able to get a really good deal on said unit. However, going for this cheapest option might not always pan out in the long run. Here are some instances in which you might want to consider renting a drive-up unit instead of something a little less convenient to access:

Having drive-up access to your self storage unit can come in handy in many situations. ( Igorsky/Shutterstock.com)

Frequent Access

If you’re going to be going into your storage unit regularly, you’ll want to access it easily. For example, many small businesses keep extra inventory or supplies in a storage unit. You aren’t going to want to trek through a facility several times a day to go to your unit. Being able to drive up to your unit’s door and quickly grab what you want should make life a little easier.

Heavy Items

When you have lots of heavy items, odds are you don’t want to haul them all over the place. You’ll want to have to move them as little as possible. Even if you are using a cart of some sort (which hopefully you are to save your back) moving heavy items can be difficult. Being able to back your truck or car right up to the unit and only having to move a heavy object a few feet is a great convenience.

Awkward to Hold Items

Have you ever tried to help somebody move one of those over-sized chairs? It’s hard. There’s not enough room for two people to stand on one side but it is too heavy for just one person to try to do and the shape is awkward to try to maneuver around corners or into elevators…and I could go on and on with this list. There are many items that are hard to hold or aren’t easy to carry. In these instances, doing as little moving as possible is preferred.

By no means am I saying that units that aren’t drive-up capable desirable, I’m just saying that you should think about your stuff and your situation. Even though, if you’re like me, the cheapest option always sounds like the best, sometimes opting for a few more amenities might be worth it. Drive-up units provide great benefits that you should consider when  you go to make your next storage reservation.