Use to help you rent a storage unit that meets your requirements. (Robert Kyllo/

By Laura Gee, Content and Social Media Manager,

Deciding that you want to (or need to) rent a storage unit is generally a big deal for many reasons. One, deciding its time to rent a storage unit generally comes hand in hand with a major life event. Two, there is a cost involved when using self storage and most of us have to keep our budget in mind. Three, many people don’t even know where to begin when looking to rent a storage unit. All of that is fine and with, the process of finding a unit is easy. Today’s blog is going to help you walk you through the process of picking a storage unit to rent.

Use to help you rent a storage unit that meets your requirements. (Robert Kyllo/
Use to help you rent a storage unit that meets your requirements. (Robert Kyllo/

First, decide if you want to rent a traditional storage unit or if you’ll want a portable storage container. Portable storage is great for moving, remodeling, or onsite storage.

Next, figure out what size storage unit you’ll need. Figure out how much space you will need. Start by measuring your largest pieces and seeing how much square footage they require. Then evaluate how many boxes you’ll be storing and estimate how much space they’ll need. Add these estimations together and give a little wiggle room on your guess. There is a space calculator on our website that can help you figure out which size you you’ll need.

Next, figure out what your priorities are for the basics of renting a storage unit. Is the location of your unit important? Are there specific access hours you’ll need? Can you be flexible on the size of the unit you’ll need? Do you have a firm budget you must stick to? You might have to bend a little on some of your wants, so be sure to pick your priorities and stick to them.

After that, use to find facilities in your area. Compare what amenities they offer for which size of units. Evaluate that information along side the prices of the various units you’re interested in currently.

Once you’ve narrowed down your choices, either look around for reviews of your facility or go ahead and book one if you’re feeling comfortable! Deciding to rent a storage unit and then actually booking it should go  a long way in helping you on your journey. Finding the right storage unit can give you a lot of peace of mind. Let helpyou find a great unit to rent today.