Wine storage is a good option for properly protecting your investment. (Thomas-Pajot/

By Laura Gee, Content and Social Media Manager,

It doesn’t matter if you can identify any red wine in a blind taste test or if you just know you prefer a house white wine over a red. When purchasing and storing wines, many people opt to buy wine in bulk. It is so often cheaper to buy it by the case. Whether you’re buying in bulk for your collection or for large group consumption, proper storage is necessary to protect your wine. It might not seem like it, but wine is a very delicate item to store and using professional wine storage is a good choice for many wine lovers out there.

Wine storage is a good option for properly protecting your investment. (Thomas-Pajot/

When a person purchases wine in bulk, it usually comes in a wooden box or cardboard crate. These crates are fine vessels for transportation, but once the wine is at its final destination, it should be put in a more sturdy rack and it should sit on its side. When buying wine at a regular grocery store or wine store, customers are usually given the cardboard box with the six divider slots. That box is not a recommended storage tool. That is simply a way to get your wine home. Leaving your wine sitting upright in those cardboard boxes over time can ruin your investment. Corks dry out and can crumble down into your wine if the bottle is left too dry. Wine storage facilities will have shelves or help you set up your wine storage racks to make sure you’re doing it properly. When you put your wine someplace for storage, the bottle should be tipped down so that moisture can get to the cork at all times. Also, it should be kept on a shelf that is sturdy to avoid vibrations.

Wine storage facilities will also (most likely unless you have your own wine cave at home) better help to regulate temperature and humidity. Fine wines are not cheap and they are usually the most susceptible to damage from humidity and temperature. A wine storage facility can help set you up with a space that will work best for whichever type of wine you have purchased. Dark closets at home are fine for temporary storage of wine, but for long-term storage, the humidity and temperature needs to be more regulated and a wine storage unit becomes more necessary.

Consider your options for wine self storage. There are facilities all over the country that have wine storage options or specialize in it. You don’t have to worry about the safety of your investment at home when you can let professionals tend to it.