Seven Wine Storage Tips

1. Cool Place

– Wine should be stored in a cool place such as a basement or a refrigerator.

2. Horizontal

– Store wine bottles horizontally so that the wine touches the cork. This will ensure that the cork does not dry out thus preventing air from entering the bottle.

3. Too Cold?

– Wine can get too cold! If stored less than 40F the maturing process stops. Even if the bottle is moved to a warmer location it will not reverse.

4. Chemicals

-Don’t store wine near harsh chemicals or strong smells. It is possible for the wine to absorb them.

5. Say NO to Sunlight!

-UV rays can damage wine if left in a area with too much light. Also wine should be stored around 70% humidity.

6. Vibrations

-Areas that will be bumped or vibrate should be avoided because they create air bubbles in the wine causing it to oxidize.

7. The Kitchen Counter

– Wine looks great displayed on a kitchen counter but it is probably the worst place to store wine. It is too hot, bright, and is in constant use.

Your best option to keep your wine in its best condition is to place it in a wine storage facility. They are specially designed to accommodate wine and its unique needs to age and store it correctly. Search to find a wine storage facility near you.