In an earlier post we discussed the value of YouTube videos and how they can positively influence your self storage marketing efforts. Search engine ranking, adding video content to your website, and giving your business a personality are just a few of the great benefits of having a strong YouTube presence. While the actual video content can go in any direction and show off your personality and creativity, there are some good practices when it comes to things such as giving your video a title. Let’s take a look at the different components of a YouTube video and how to use them to your advantage.


The title is probably the most important component when it comes to getting your video found online. The best advice there is when creating a title for your video is to be specific. If your video title is too general, it will just get mixed in with all the other related videos and probably won’t get much exposure. One excellent example is on this YouTube page. These videos featuring a 5×5 storage unit all do a good job of giving specific titles. One video titled “Manhattan Self Storage Mini Storage 5×5 Storage Units” has received over 1,000 views. Titles with city names and features such as locker size or climate control will be found more often than other more general titles such as “Quality Self Storage Facility”. Keep these things in mind when creating videos as well. Highlighting individual features in videos will allow for you to create several videos and will give you the opportunity to use the highly effective titles that we have mentioned.


The description doesn’t have quite the same search power that the title does but it can’t be overlooked. The one thing you MUST do in your description is provide the viewer with your website URL and other contact info. does a good job of explaining that here. My suggestion is to place this at the top of the description so that it is the most visible. If someone enjoys your video and was researching self storage, you want them to be able to visit your website or call in with ease. Other than that, the description should simply be engaging and informative. It is a good idea to reiterate some of the keywords you used in the title as well.


Tags are another tool used to help provide viewers with videos similar to the keywords they are searching for. Tags are in a way how you categorize your video. By tagging your video with relevant words, YouTube understands what search results your video should be grouped with. Going along with the 5×5 storage unit theme, some good tags would be: self storage Manhattan, 5×5 storage unit Manhattan, 5×5 storage locker Manhattan, and so on. Don’t be shy about applying a good amount of tags. Although the three mentioned above are very similar, they feature some unique words and you never know what words people will search for. You can get even more advice on tags right here.

If you take the time to put together a collection of videos for a YouTube channel, you must take the time to optimize it so it can be found. If no one ever watches your video, the time you put into it will be a waste. Take each of the three components above seriously and you will get views that hopefully turn into business.

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