YouTube isn't just for quirky viral videos. Businesses are finding at lot of value in this site.
YouTube isn’t just for quirky viral videos. Businesses are finding at lot of value in this site.

By Aaron Mackel

It is no secret that people are becoming more and more visual. Many people would rather watch a video than read. This makes it no surprise that YouTube is now the 2nd most popular search engine behind Google. As you might know, YouTube is owned by Google and this makes a strong YouTube presence an incredibly valuable asset for your self storage company.

While YouTube is not technically considered a search engine, it has become one as it has evolved. I can certainly remember many times that I have looked to YouTube to help me figure out how to overcome a problem I was having. With so many people searching for answers, this is your opportunity to provide them with the solution.

A major factor briefly mentioned earlier, is that YouTube is owned by Google. What does this mean? It means that YouTube videos are featured in Google search results. It is not uncommon that a YouTube video that closely matches the search term entered will show up first page on Google. For example, if someone knew they needed “Climate Controlled Self Storage in Omaha,” your YouTube video titled “Tour Our Omaha NE Climate Controlled Self Storage Facilities” is very likely to show up. Once they are watching the video, the text description can tell them everything they need to get a hold of you. Just to give an example of how effective this can be – a video titled “Fort Knox Climate Controlled Storage” has 117 views. Imagine the possibilities with that many eyes on your business as a result of one video. That video surely led to new customers who could be renting lockers for years to come.

There are many different ways you can use YouTube to promote your self storage business.

This also gives you the opportunity to show off your self storage facilities visually, while further explaining the benefits. This can be a major advantage and even allows you to get viewers thinking of things they might not have before. An example would be drive up access. Someone looking for a self storage unit might not have realized this is not always standard and how convenient it really is.

Another amazing benefit of having a strong YouTube presence is that when someone watches your video, you make an impression on them. Allowing your audience to actually see you and hear you speak gives you countless advantages you wouldn’t have with a simple text page. The first is that you can establish yourself as an expert. This might be the biggest advantage of them all. When done right, you will be answering the questions your prospects have about self storage. This establishes you as the expert and allows you to instill a trust that you otherwise couldn’t. The second major advantage is that you give your business a personality for the viewer. You can display your humor, kindness, and any other feature that words on a screen simply can’t. This helps a customer feel more comfortable about their decision.

The best part is that while a high quality video is nice, you don’t need professional quality videos to be successful. People don’t find videos based on quality– they find them based on the keywords used in the title. This allows storage facilities to make their own videos without paying outrageous prices for professional video and editing.

Lastly, any video made can be embedded on your website. This improves your website and provides all the advantages listed above on your web visitors.

All these reasons make YouTube a great option to grow your self storage business and can be done without breaking the bank. You should add YouTube to your regular routine of your online presence.